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Vr IF was founded 18.03.1937. The association has been very successful within all branches during its almost 70 years of activity. The association has brought up several excellent sportsmen and women, who have won success both nationally and internationally. Vr IF has, during all years, had a wide activity.

The concerns of the association are handled by a board consisting of ten (10) members. The board is formed of the chairmen of the different sections and a necessary number of chosen members at the annual meeting. All members of the board also have personal deputies. The board is chosen at the annual meeting, which every year is held before the end of November.

To make it easier to put the purposes of the association into effect, the association is able to have unregistered subsections for different branches of activity. A section consists of the chairman and at least six (6), but not more than ten (10) officials, who are appointed at the annual meeting. The board of the association supervises the activity of the sections.

To support its activity, Vr IF runs collections and kiosk activity. For example Torg-grillen in the centre of Vr is owned by Vr IF and is rented for a monthly fee. In addition to this, the association arranges auctions, bazaars, lotteries and can also sometimes receive gifts and wills.

Private persons, clubs and foundations can join the association. The members are engaged by the board. The association can appoint persons, who in a meritorious way have been working for the association and its purposes, to honorary members. These are appointed on the association meeting by a proposal from the board. The honorary members do not have to pay the membership fee but they do have the same rights as regular members. The membership fee, which is collected from the members, is decided at the annual meeting.

The association consists of 693 members of whom 104 are women (over 19 years), 153 are men (over 19 years), 247 are girls (under 19 years) and 289 are boys (under 19 years).

Vr skiing centre and the central sports ground

1.1.1988 a transfer- and care agreement was signed between the municipality of Vr and Vr IF, concerning the skiing centre and the sports ground in Vr. Vr IF transferred by means of deed of gift properties, buildings and all sports constructions to the municipality. In return, the municipality provides for the care of these sports constructions in such a way that the conditions for carrying of sport activities are there also in the future. The association has priority towards other associations and organisations, concerning the use of these sports constructions and exclusive rights to run kiosks on the areas and also to sell advertise places.

Vr Idrottsfrening (Vr sports association) r.f. has Vr municipality as its place of residence. Today Vr IF, consists of the following sections: the cross country skiing section, the ski jumping section, the downhill skiing section, the football (soccer) section, the orienteering section and the athletics section.

The objective of Vr IF is to bring up children and youth to good, healthy and responsible inhabitants of the municipality and to create prerequisites both to young and to old people to get to practise different kinds of sports. All sections have sportsmen and women competing successfully in the national elite and many have been representing the national team. The activity of Vr IF is demonstrably a strong producer of elite sportsmen.

Most of the activities are arranged at Vr skiing centre, where the skiing cottage, the jumping hills, the slalom slopes, the skiing tracks, a football field and the 9-holes golf track of Vr Golf r.f. are located. Another popular place for activities is the sports ground with possibilities to practise whatever kind of athletics you want, play football on a football field with the real proportions or just sit and watch on the grandstand with roof.

Vr IF cooperates with Maxmo SK and Oravais IF within athletics under the common name IF VOM. Within football, Vr IF cooperates with Hellns BK, Oravais IF and Maxmo SK under the name Norrvalla FF. The cooperation, both Norrvalla FF and IF VOM, has been successful for the older age groups.




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