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The Nordic Junior Championshipswere held in Vrbetween 3rd and 5th February!

Results from the competitions:

Results sprint

Results cross country Saturday

Results relay

The weather in Vr today!

Cross Country Skiing has always been an important part of the Finnish lifestyle. Especially "in the old days" skiing also was a means of transportation. Nowadays cross country skiing is partly exercise and partly competition.

In the sports assosiation Vr IF we have skiing schools for small children from ages six and up. In these groups they can learn the basics of cross country techniques. Some of the children also continue with their training and some of them start competing.

Vr IF had about 115 children in skiing schools and training groups last season. Around 30 children, youths and adults also compete in cross country skiing all around the country. Many of our skiiers have reached good results in national competitions.

In February 2006 the Nordic Junior Ski Championships is arranged by Vr IF.

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